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Message From Lion President Donna Pomerantz

Hello Lions and Friends! It is my honor and privilege to serve as Lion President of the Pasadena Host Lions Club (PHLC) in 2020/21. If you wish to reach out to us directly, please call us at (626) 765-7154 or email pasadenahostlionsclub@gmail.com.

I must begin by acknowledging we are living in uncertain times as we navigate life during this pandemic. Our PHLC family continues meeting regularly via the Zoom online platform. This brings with it both opportunities and challenges. We are fortunate, even though we are not able to meet in person as we are accustom, to maintain our connection for those who are used to using a land line, cell phone, computer or tablet.

"Lions-Together We Serve!"

We know we are Lions, empowered as we stay together continuing service in our community. However, it is imperative we never forget there are those in our Lions' Family who are also in need. We must all hold each other up as we continue moving together in service!

In closing, I thank each Past President, Officer, Director, Member and Friend of PHLC as it is because of you that I am here able to serve!
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Pasadena Host Lions Club

Pasadena Memorial Trust Awards Over $125,000 In Grants 2019-2020 To Organizations Who Serve In The Greater Pasadena Area!

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The Pasadena Lions Memorial Trust was pleased to support, through grant awards, to several not for profit organizations serving the Greater Pasadena Area. We will continue to do so in this coming year and beyond as finances permit. These awards are not able to sustain staff salaries. For more information, feel free to email or call John Cullen, Memorial Trust Chair. Phone (626) 796-4866.

The Pasadena Host Lions Club has served for 100 years throughout our local community wherever there is a need.

Feel free to contact us if you have a need. We'll do our best to serve as we are able.

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Lions - Together We Serve!

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